Arthritis Hurts.......

First thing first - some questions that come to mind when talking about arthritis.

Why is the arthritis rate is increasing every year ?  What are we lacking (food, exercise, nutrients? Why this becoming a basic problem?  Is it really a food problem?  Is it caused by drug's side effects? What is actually causing so much inflammation in the body?

Well let's consider some fundamentals to include our environment, our style of living and more importantly, understanding what our daily consumption of food is, the medicines and air we take in!

"We are born in a time where a Natural Plant that Cures is illegal, but Man-made Poison in your Food is OKAY..........." (david wolfe)

Just ponder the quote for a minute.  While we won't go into larger conspiracies of how food and drug companies and even governments are contributing to making humanity more should get to know what's going into your body (including the food and drink we consume, medicines, and even the air we breathe).  So what can one expect from western diets and environment?


"INFLAMMATION" - because of that we are suffering everyday!  There's many studies now that recognize that most (if not all) that ails us is because of inflammation (more to come on that in a future post).  The effects of inflammation can range from Heartburn through degenerative diseases including CANCER.....

"NO DISEASE, INCLUDING CANCER, CAN EXIST IN AN ALKALINE          ENVIRONMENT"  -Dr Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel Prize winner for Cancer discovery.

Alkaline is the favored environment while "ACIDIC Environment" is a big, big cause of inflammation.  Ouch - many of suffer silently from acidic environment without realizing it while some physically can and do suffer.  There are many underlying causes of Arthritis (which itself is a general category of various forms of illness that affect suffers in their joints).  Yes i said it Right, Arthritis Hurts!

There are millions in the US that suffer from Arthritis and that number is only projected to increase. 

People living with arthritis can suffer for inflammation of the joints, painful and stiff joints.  While there are over the counter (OTC) products that provide temporary relief from pain and swelling the  long term use of these medicines pose health risks including organ damage and bleeding in the stomach.


If you are looking for a natural, safe, and effective remedy to provide relief from joint pain, stiffness, and flare ups - all without any drug interactions or side effects then don't delay. Get ARTHOSAN (by Warsan Homeopathic) today.  


Arthosan has done wonders for family members who are suffering with Arthritis pain.  Users significantly feel the relief from aches and pains of joints and muscles. Some of them even told us

"why suffering everyday when you have a natural remedy to live your life pains and aches free!"........ our "big mama".

Have you ever noticed the ads on TV?  The one that claim relief of a single symptom but then they go into a long list of (which seems like 2-3 minutes) of potential SIDE-Effects list including death! - WOAH...let me think about that, possible seizure or DEATH...where do I NOT sign up?!


I think I'll go with safe and effective, how about you?

Grab yours today and tell us - Did we help to ease your pain? 



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