Why I love homeopathy - And why you should too!

Growing up, I was always around homeopathy and homeopathic products.  I didn't pay much attention to having to use medicines of any kind as I was fairly healthy.  We did occasionally consume some of the Tissue Salts when we were little as my parents touted them to be gentle yet effective - we especially used them during our teething ages, and when we weren't feeling well.

Fast forward to when I was carrying my child, aside from the constant vomiting and nausea and wonders of morning sickness I had an added complexity - I had low blood pressure during the pregnancy.  It took a while to figure out that my fainting and dizziness (multiple occurrences daily) were caused by drops in blood pressure.  This was quite scary as I also had young children to take care of.  When speaking to my doctor I learned that there is no remedy available to help combat low blood pressure.  I remember thinking to myself, WHAT?!!  With all the supposed advancements in technology and medicine there was nothing that would provide relief?  That's when I learned that there IS relief and I found it in HOMEOPATHY

On about the 3rd day or so of using homeopathic remedy my fainting spells began to subside and I no longer feared having an episode while driving or even while tending to my young children.  It was a God-send and I can not express the relief I had in knowing I would be safe and my children would also be safe (yes, I worried that I could have an episode and accidentally fall on them...how many minutes would it be before I came to.  It was a constant nightmare that I couldn't figure out how to overcome, and should NOT be something a mother should have to worry about)...but with homeopathy, the nightmare was over.

Two additional experiences convinced me that homeopathy not only works but works effectively (yes, I even thought to myself, maybe the remedy I took was a fluke or had a placebo effect...).  One of my children was born with eczema and I tried all kind of topicals to no avail and so I decided to try the homeopathic route.  While it was subtle and took a few weeks my child's eczema is no longer an issue.  I can not say that it is 100% cured but it has been about 4 years now and he has not had one episode of eczema symptoms.  When my child went to school it seemed that he was constantly catching a cold - I thought it to be just that.  That he was catching colds as he was now exposed to many more children than before.  I realized that it was not a cold but rather allergies.  I tried some over the counter medication which weren't really helping and in researching this I found some disturbing information that has emerged - which is that allergy medication can cause long term damage (that affects memory and even contributes to Alzheimer's)...I won't take about that here, but if you are reading this and taking allergy medication, I highly recommend you look into emerging research of long term damage.  Long term risks aside, the medication wasn't getting the relief my child needed.  I turned to homeopathy - and what a difference!  Not only did his allergy symptoms decrease but he's able to play in the outdoors without feeling miserable later.  

My personal experiences, coupled with hearing stories throughout my life of how homeopathy worked wonders where traditional medicine could not, convinced me that I needed to make available the wonderful remedies that have worked for so many folks.  I am thrilled and excited to fulfill my family's mission and promise to you - to help heal, naturally.  Homeopathy has so many uses and I look forward to continue expanding our product suite.  We currently have all 12 tissue salts, a wonderful selection of our most popular and top selling combination products - we've taken the guesswork out of selecting single remedies, and an excellent remedy for Arthritis.  

Yours in healing!



I have been trying to get your phone number for weeks! Interested in ordering Arthrosan used for arthritis but I need it also for bursitis and tendinitis. My husband fell on the ice 9 months ago (March 2019). Tests show bursitis and tendinitis. Has had no relief from excruciating pain since them. He lives on Advil. He has been to many doctors and gone through expensive therapy. No relief whatsoever. Is it possible arthrosan can relieve some of the pain? He is diabetic, had a heart attack in 2015 and has 3 stints. Thank you for any assistance.

Nycemah Yaqub December 10, 2019

Hi Vicky, you should try Natrum Mur – one of the tissue salts that’s used for moisture imbalance (too much, or too little). This is without knowing what may be causing this to happen in your body as there could be other remedies more suitable for you – but do look into Natrum Mur for sure.

Atul K. December 31, 2018

What about lymphedema? Any help with that, besides ginger?

Vicky Jones December 31, 2018

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